Increase print speed for Envelopes using HP Printers

Are you having trouble with your HP Printer (models m601, m602, m603) printing envelopes incredibly slow? The fix is only one setting.

In the printer menu, go to

  1. Home
  2. Administration
  3. General Settings
  4. Print Quality
  5. Adjust Paper Types
  6. Envelope
  7. Print Mode

and then select “(Change from “Envelope Mode” to “Normal Mode”)”.

I expect this same method will work on other HP printers, although the settings menu will likely have an alternative format. Just search for paper types and adjust envelopes accordingly.

For even faster envelope printing also try:

  1. Making sure printer is connected via USB (not wifi or Ethernet)
  2. Opening and using the rear output bin
  3. Setting ‘Print Job Resolution’ to 1200 FastRes
  4. Change envelope print mode (above) from “Normal Mode” to “Extra Light Mode”
  5. Save your envelope print job as .pdf (not .doc, etc.) and print the .pdf
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