Sometimes I do film photography as well.


I am a human who works with computers from the inside out. I live in Missouri where I ride a motorcycle, drink a lot of coffee, keep mice as pets and generally enjoy life. I spend my days developing web and mobile applications, and frequently I spend my nights developing web and mobile applications as well.


I’ve worked on a lot of cool things. Some of the things I’ve done include an automated quote generation/customer processing system, a CMS-based ecommerce site, or the websites for a local craft store and a local salon. I also used Python to write a tool which allows lawyers to quickly and effectively scrape client information from a government web application and export it as a CSV.

I have experience in a lot of cool things too. I’ve worked for a well-known international corporation which processes millions of transactions using Apache Tomcat, Ant, Jenkins, Java, Groovy/Gradle/Grails and CoffeeScript under a system of Agile and XProgramming practices. I’m currently employed at Delta Systems Group developing WordPress sites for our awesome clients with MySQL, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery, HTML(5)/CSS(3), and other custom solutions. Recently I’ve been playing around with the MEAN Stack, as well as Meteor. My current résumé is always available here. This page was built proudly with WordPress.